It all started in a moment of job uncertainty. In 2016 three friends, with few certainties, decided to take a step forward and start something together. "Where do we start?" they asked themselves, and they started with what they knew best: programming anything!

2017 began with a challenge that accelerated us, so we went from 4 to 10 people and the incorporation of the first woman in the technical area; a fact that we highlight due to the unequal reality that women and dissidents live in the technology industry. This reality was never alien to us and we decided to embrace it and seek from within to transform it, shaping and promoting diverse teams.

In 2018 we incorporated the areas of Human Resources and Finance, a big step that invited us to think about having our own house. Thus was born Bithouse, a space to house not only Bitlogic, but any company and/or person linked to technology and innovation that needs a workspace. And of course, we turned the house into a space for emerging and avant-garde art for the community.

Today and the next years will surely be as fast-paced as the first ones but with a clear path ahead, continue working under quality premises, differentiating ourselves with projects that are born, created and finalized based on the logic of the specific business, to what each client needs in their journey to digital modernization and accompany these processes with a culture of innovation.

As stated in our manifesto, we are born nonconformists, destined to transform the world. We choose to walk differently, in our own way. And with a bold heart, we aim to build a better world.


Warmth and human quality are important values for us. We seek to develop diverse and humane teams that have the ability to add value to every challenge.
Alfredo Edye Profile
Alfredo Edye
Co-Founder & CEO

"We choose to walk differently with a bold heart to build a better world.”

Edgardo Hames profile
Edgardo Hames
Co-Founder & Engineering VP

"We want to build a different place, where everyone brings their strengths and contributes with their vision at all levels.”

Federico Aguirre profile
Federico Aguirre
Co-Founder & CTO

"Bitlogic means moving forward.”

Marcela Casinghino

"Bitlogic is about developing new things every time. Challenges and curiosity always lead us to new paths."

Verónica Larralde profile
Veronica Larralde

"My purpose is to make every member of Bitlogic live a transformative experience."

Rosario Molina

"Bitlogic is a different place with a bold spirit that inspires me to constantly learn and create."

A place to see, create and innovate. #welcomehome